Additional Instructors

aikido-23Bill Misson – 5th Dan Bill began his Aikido training in the late 60s under Robert Nadeau Shihan in Mountain View, California.  In his early years he worked a lot with energy awareness, Ki flow, harmony of mind and body, and correct falling practice.  In the late 70s, Bill moved to Boise, Idaho and founded Aikido of Boise, where he was the head instructor until he left Idaho to come back to Sonoma County, California.  He has trained and taught at Aikido of Petaluma ever since.In his words, “I found for me, that I could learn the technique better from the uki’s point of view. That is, if it felt good to me, that’s what I wanted my partner to feel. As my training went on, I discovered that there was more than the physical. I began to like myself. I also found that I could like other people, and not be afraid of strangers.”

aikido-2Charlie Stapp – 4th Dan
Charlie has been training in Aikido for 26 years, starting his training in 1987 under Bob Noha Sensei. His current rank is yondan (4th degree blackbelt) with his shodan (1st degree awarded to him in 1994). When asked what he likes to emphasize most in his classes, he says, “I like to express a good quality of basics that expand into good flowing movement … and good sweaty classes. “Charlie’s classes are always fun and although his classes are fast paced, he readily accommodates all levels of training and maintains that students train at a level comfortable to them.

aikido-1Sasun Torikian – 3rd Dan
I started training over 23 years ago and has attained the rank of Sandan (3rd degree black belt).  I have been at the Aikido of Petaluma school since his first day of training and can still remember my first lessons with Bob Noha.I have, over the years attended many workshops and seminars including a trip to Hombu Dojo.  As I like to travel I have also had the chance to train in Australia, England and Germany as well as attended classes in other Dojos in the area and in other states.I have been teaching since I first got my Shodan (1st degree black belt) and have been teaching the fundamental classes for over 2 years.Aikido, for me, is an art of personal transformation which is practiced within the medium of a martial art.  The martial art is secondary to the embodiment of Aikido principals in class and in our everyday life.