Energy Training

energy-1While the physical training in Aikido is based on a martial art, Energy Process Training offers the energetic and spiritual training of Aikido, without the physical aspects.  The energy class was started by Sensei Noha inspired by the work that Robert Nadeau Sensei started.  It began a few years ago when an older student of ours still wanted to gain the benefit of Aikido but could not perform the physical aspects of throwing and falling.

The energy class allows students to focus, learn and practice the energetic, metaphysical, alchemical and spiritual aspects of the art directly without the physical training that would normally take place in Aikido. This gives an alternative route for students to “harmonize oneself with the divine and work for a better world”.

For Aikido students, the class provides a practice of focusing on the energy practice more directly, improving their practice both on and off the mat.

There is no charge, and Energy Process Training is available Saturday mornings at 9:30.