Aikido follows the truth of the universe…

Aikido follows the truth of the universe and reveals the inner principles of existence. However, as I often say, each person must understand this in his or her own way. Those who are practicing in an enlightened manner base their movements on the “one-sword single body” principle [in other words, “no duplicity” l. They never stop refining their character. This Way cannot be expressed in words or theories but must be found in the resonance (hibiki) that sustains existence. The Way is like the flow of blood within one’s body. One must not be separated from the divine mind in the slightest in order to act in accordance with divine will. If you stray even a fraction from the divine will, you will be off the path. In Aikido, you must know yourself and study the true form of the universe. Never forget the one source of things; understand the underlying principles of life; comprehend the eternal laws; and create marvelous techniques that radiate light.

The Secret Teachings of Aikido – Page 15