Mixing a Functioning Unit

About Class Series

Aikido of Petaluma Series are a set of in sequence classes that focus on a particular aspect or subject within the practice to understand, experience, and embody, to a greater depth, the principals of art.

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About this Series

This series of classes is based on two of O Sensei’s teachings.

The dual nature of human beings and Takemusu

Dual Nature

First, he said human beings have a dual nature. He called the parts of this dual nature Kon and Haku.  Kon he called the conscious soul and Haku the corporeal soul.  O Sensei taught that a proper balance between these two parts of our nature is needed for human existence (The Essence of Aikido by John Stevens Pg. 27).  For ease of communication we are calling the Kon or conscious soul the “I” and the Haku of corporeal soul the unit.  The “I” represents our sense of personal identity and the unit our functional capacity to meet our daily life challenges.  The unit is made up of the energies of our system that respond to the situation of the moment. 


The second of O Sensei’s teachings is Takemusu. This refers to the spontaneous creation of techniques, fresh in every moment (The Heart of Aikido translated by John Stevens pg. 141).  In addition to Aikido techniques we will apply the principle of Takemusu to other situations in our daily lives, not just the practice of Aikido. 

Our practices of mixing of the unit will apply the principle of Takemusu to our daily life activities.  Our goal is to mix a unit from the energies of our system with the skills and abilities required by our daily life activities to achieve a high level of sustainable functionality.