Exploring the Secret Teachings of Aikido

Two day seminar with Sensei Bob Noha, Rokudan

Seminar Flier
Seminar Flier

Bob_NohaIn 2007 John Stevens provided the Aikido community with the Secret Teachings of Aikido, a wonderful translation of O’Sensei’s words. Sensei Noha will share lessons, insights and understandings gleaned from years of studying the teachings.

Date:  April 9th & 10th
Location: Four Springs Retreat Center, Middleton, CA
Cost: $150  (includes 1 night, meals and all classes)

$75 dollar deposit, $50 of which is refundable in the event of cancellation until April 1st (no joke).

One Day Training Fee: $70
Information and Reservations: (707) 234-8996 or Seminar@aikidopetaluma.com


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