Sensei Robert Noha promoted to 6th dan

Aikido of Petaluma is very happy to announce the promotion of Sensei Robert Noha to 6th (roku) dan.  Sensei Noha was promoted based on the recommendation of Robert Frager Shihan (7th dan) and the late Hiroshi Kato Shihan (8th dan).

This promotion reflects 47 years of involvement in the art of Aikido.  Sensei received his 5th dan in the year 2000 awarded by Robert Nadeau Shihan.  In addition to Aikido, Sensei teaches the yang style short form T’ai Chi and has a background in Judo, Kenpo Karate, Pa Kua Chang, Hsing-I and western boxing.

You can read more about Sensei Noha on our web page here:

Our Sensei

Please join us in our congratulations of Sensei Noha!


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