Blogpost: Mindfulness through Aikido and Tea Ceremony on

This is a beautiful post on about the similarity of Aikido and Chado (Tea Ceremony): Thanks to Ginny Breeland for alerting us to this article.  Ginny maintains  “Aikido Advice for Woman … and a few men” on facebook and can be found here:!/pages/Aikido-Advice-for-Womenand-a-Few-Men/302329183470?v=info&ref=ts article on Bob Noha Sensei–A-Martial-Artist-Making-a-Difference?cid=examiner-email Paul Rest is a writer and martial artist. He has written numerous articles about Aikido and Low Impact Aikido and holds the rank of second degree black belt. He can be reached at

“The Heart of Aikido” now available at Amazon

John Stevens Shihan translates “The Heart of Aikido; The Philosophy of Takemusu Aiki” from the original Japanese. This is now available at Sensei will be reviewing this shortly at  We’ll let you know when his review is out!